• Ready To Run

    Ready to Run (abbreviated as RTR) means that the model is ready for use immediately, once the batteries included in the scope of delivery have been inserted or the provided rechargeable battery has been charged. You are then ready to have driving fun!

  • Frequency


    Remote controls with MHz technology operate in the FM frequency range, which is also used by radio stations to transmit their programmes. However, the frequencies of toy products are lower than radio frequencies, therefore avoiding any interference.
    The products are equipped with 27 MHz or 40 MHz so that the basic Dickie Toys models can be operated at the same time without problems. In other words, for simultaneous operation two vehicles are always required - one with 27MHz and the other with 40 MHz.

    2.4 GHz

    Remote controls with 2.4 GHz technology operate in the same frequency range that is also used for WiFi and Bluetooth, for example.
    The advantage of GHz technology is the large number of models that can be operated simultaneously without problems, and automatic switching to other free channels in the event of interference. This makes it possible to operate more than 80 vehicles at the same time.

  • Channels


    1-channel means that the vehicle moves forwards, and backwards in a curve.

    2-channel means that the vehicle has full driving functionality, i.e. forwards, backwards, left and right.

    3-channel means that the vehicle has full driving functionality and also has a function such as doors open/close or lights on/off.

    An additional channel is required for every other function that is operated via the remote control.

  • Digital - Proportional

    Digital proportional means that the speed and the steering can be accurately controlled, and do not immediately start up at full power.

  • Battery and charging technology

    Quick charger:

    Quick chargers are extremely useful, and charge up the batteries within a much shorter time in comparison to standard chargers. The charging times can be found in the instructions for the respective items.

    • New USB charging system, recharges the included single cell Li-Ion battery very fast,
      charging time: 90 minutes,
      single cell Li-Ion 3.7 V/700 mAh,
      driving time: 25 minutes

    • USB fast charging cable,
      charging time: 120 minutes,
      Li-Fe battery 6.4 V/700 mAh,
      play time: 20 minutes

    • USB Fast Charging Cable,
      180 minutes Charging time,
      Li-Fe-battery 9.6V/700 mAh,
      20 minutes play time

    • Plug-in charger,
      charging time: 5 hours,
      Ni-MH power pack 7.2 V/750 mAh,
      play time: 20 minutes

    • Plug-in charger with fast charging function,
      charging time: 80 minutes,
      Li-Ion power pack 7.4 V/700 mAh,
      play time: 25 minutes

  • Special Features

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